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Shop Independent Day - 25th June 2021

Happy Friday! I hope you're all doing okay!

You may have seen that at the beginning of the month the absolutely amazing Holly Tucker launched Campaign Shop Independent Summer 2021 & Shop Independent Month. Holly is an incredible advocate for supporting small businesses and promoting shopping small in anyway she can.

Today is Shop Independent Day and she is encouraging everybody where possible to spend at least £1 with a small business. I was quite taken a back when I saw that if every adult in the UK spent just £1 a day with a small business that would produce £12 billion for local economies - absolutely mind blowing.

So I'd love to share some of my favourite small businesses to follow in this blog. Even if you can't afford to shop with a small business today, tomorrow or the day after, every like, share or comment means the world. But hopefully there will be some businesses here that you can come back to for gift ideas in the future.

So here goes (I could have listed so so many more):

I've shared links to their instagram profiles so if you'd like to give them a follow you can! I love discovering new makers and small businesses to follow so let me know of your favourites in the comments!

Have a lovely weekend,

Jemma x

(Imagery by Dave Buonaguidi as part of the Campaign Shop Independent. )

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