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The 'Hand Painted Leather Keyrings' are the perfect every day accessory to give your keys or bag a pop of sparkle & colour. They also make unique gifts for friends & family that will no doubt bring a smile, birthday gifts & even for Wedding Anniversaries...especially the 3rd as this is celebrated with leather. 


They are made in a variety of colours to brighten up your keys and can be made in two styles - fringed or unfringed.


The size is approximately 8.5cm in length & 1.5cm in width.


You can choose to add a clip for an extra 50p.

Leather Keyrings

  • The majority of they keyrings are made from soft leather. The leather options can have a hand painted design or be plain. The design will be slightly different on each keyring which adds to the unique nature of the keyring. They are made using the offcuts from larger leather items including my purses.


    As the keyrings are made from leather please be mindful to not submerge in water. If you need to clean them use a lightly dampened cloth.